Mail awazel company

Mail awazel company

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mail awazel company

Featured Listings. Recent Reviews. Popular Listings. Featured Classifieds. Blog Categories. Recent Blog Posts.The Sharjah branch was then established in while Dubai branch was established in and within one decade Water Seal stands as one of the leading waterproofing organizations in the UAE. Our position and strength enables the company to provide additional value to our clients and opportunities for our employees.

The corporate philosophy of the company is based on quality services for quality job with a clear understanding that client Requirements tend to vary, Water Seal approaches that project with an utmost flexibility. The client is assisted at every stage with tailor made solution using wherever possible, readily available products. The underlying principle has always been to develop a lasting business relationship that is mutually beneficial.

This approach is the cornerstone of the Water Seal success in the region, resulting in a reputation of impeccable quality backed by unmatched service. The red colour of logo exemplifies the spirit of a dynamic, forwardlooking team that seeks excellence in delivering best services to the valued clients.

About Us. Maintaining our dedication to the highest moral principles. Providing our people with a challenging, secure and safe environment in which to achieve personal career goals.

Corporate Philosophy The corporate philosophy of the company is based on quality services for quality job with a clear understanding that client Requirements tend to vary, Water Seal approaches that project with an utmost flexibility. Key Suppliers. Logo Rationale The red colour of logo exemplifies the spirit of a dynamic, forwardlooking team that seeks excellence in delivering best services to the valued clients.

Our Key Suppliers. View All. Connect with Us. First Name. Last Name. Recent News.Following the international standards, AWAZEL is continuously engaged in the understanding the performance characteristics needed to solve a verity of different waterproofing problems and had still formulated product to achieve the most efficient and economical solutions. As a result of that, AWAZEL is not only the first but also largest manufacturer of waterproofing materials in the Middle East offering the widest range of products as per the international standers.

AWAZEL plants are considered the largest comprehensive manufacturer of waterproofing materials in the Middle East as: it acquires the most sophisticated production lines. We manufacture all bitumen products; produce the biggest bitumen quantity Asphaltbased waterproofing material. In addition, we are the top bitumen rolls producer, with more than 70 million square meters capacity.

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We have the biggest oxidization unit. We have the largest warehousing facilities for asphalt products. Our facilities can accommodate 30, tons and capable to meet all requirements of the local and foreign markets within a very appropriate time limit. Our company has more than trucks, with 25 tons load each. We have a great variety of new products. This traditional Saudi Company, formed in is focused on complete customer satisfaction.

Its growth has been rapid and today the company is one of the largest of its kind in the world. The use of asphalt as a natural water proofing material has developed over the years to provide solutions to the containment or exclusion of water. Awazel products are designed to cope with the problems associated with water in easily applied, economical ways.

Unique quality and most advanced techniques during the execution process. On time delivery. Our prices are competitive and incomparable. Research Center Awazel Research Center has been carrying out researches since its sit up and participated in international conferences and developed special products for the Ministry of Transport and other governmental bodies in KSA.

Awazel Reseach Center which is equipped with the most sophisticated and modern equipments, top qualified experts has proved it can perform researches and find the best solutions for water proofing materials, for foundations, tanks. Our products are in accordance with the top world standards.

All rights reserved.Hundreds of years ago, adventurous Arab traders had to rely on the wind for power, sun and stars for navigation and wooden dhows for transportation.

mail awazel company

The wind was fickle and the skies could be cloudy. The dhows however, were always seaworthy. The boat builders were craftsman. They used the best naturally occurring materials including a waterproof material to caulk the dhows.

Asphalt, also referred to as bitumen. As sheets pulled sails taut, seasonal trade winds carried the precocious dhows To the distant shores, to bring back precious cargoes of exotic spices and tales that legends are made of. Water is crucial to life, but it can also be as unpredictable and dangerous as a herd of camels crossing a desert highway at dusk. Water will damage almost anything, given enough time and when Contaminated with certain salts, water is corrosive.

Rising water tables in cities around the world pose another threat to the most vital part of any structure — the foundations. Heavy rainfall, even in short periods, can penetrate the structure and cause extensive damage to expensive furnishings and decor. Awazel products are unassuming, but play a vital part in society. When applied, they are literally built-in protection systems, safe- guarding huge capital investment in buildings and roads.

This ultimately maintains the quality of life of whole communities. Awazel uses asphalt to counter the side-effects of water. Name Email ID Mobile. All Rights Reserved.Last updated - Jan Please use this form for genuine enquiries only.

There is a limit of sending 20 emails per day. Users misusing the system or found sending more than this maximum limit in a day is in violation of our terms and conditions and may subsequently be banned.

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Awazel International Qatar (LLC)

Waterproofing Materials. Adhesive Tapes. Update Your Listing. View Website. See all branches. Company Profile. Update Profile. Its main purpose i. Awazel produces a wide ranges of bituminous product for waterproofing and damp proofing of architectural and engineering infrastructures, buildings, tanks, roofs, pipes, roads and bridge such as: Torch applied membranes Geo Textile Self Adhesive membranes Non-reinforced membranes Pipe wrapping materials Protection Boards Cold applied damp proofing materials.

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AWAZEL brand products suppliers, providers in Doha, Qatar

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mail awazel company

Site Links. India, Mumbai. Follow us on. More Info.Awazel Products Groups. The Awazel product range can be classified into five main groups. These are membranes, asphalts, emulsions, paints and compounds. With the exception of a specific few, products may have more than one application or several types of products can be used for the same application, such as tanking or roofing. Following is a summary of the five groups and their main uses.

For specific applications, please contact Awazel.

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The Awazel membranes group is the most comprehensive range offered by any manufacturer in the industry. This range includes oxidized, polymer modified, self-adhesive and double coated membranes to provide the ultimate technical solution to any roofing, waterproofing, damp proofing or tanking requirement in large or small construction projects. Predominantly used in road construction and maintenance, Awazel paving grade asphalts include conventional or modified types.

Cutback asphalts are cold applied products with specifications to achieve rapid, medium or slow curing. Typical uses are as prime and tack coats in the construction and maintenance of flexible pavements. Other uses may include soil stabilization, cold mixes and recycling.

Cationic and anionic emulsions are produced in slow, medium and rapid curing types as alternatives to cutback asphalts for prime and tack coats in road construction and maintenance. Other uses include fog seal, sand seal, chip seal, slurry seal, crack treatment and cold asphalt mixes.


Primers and Paints. Essentially a preparatory medium, primers are used to bind any dust while providing a stabilized surface for the application of bituminous materials. Specialist paint products include ultra-violet resistant aluminum paint, anti-corrosive paint, pipe coating and liquid asphalt damp coating. Compounds and Sealants. Compounds include liquid waterproofing, asphalt based adhesives and roof coating for repairing aged or damaged waterproofing surfaces. Crack and joint sealants are produced for hot or cold application.

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Name Email ID Mobile. All Rights Reserved.Telephony Solutions. Contact Center Solutions.

mail awazel company

Networking Solutions. We provide Networking solutions that connects all locations of the network to allow organizations to achieve fast and reliable access for applications and services.

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Information Security Solutions. We provide Information Security solutions for all organizations to achieve reliable, secured, scalable and high-performance access for data across the entire enterprise network ecosystem. Call Management Solutions. We deliver innovative Web based Call Management Solutions for Fixed and Mobile billing that provides centralized visibility and cost saving for the Enterprise. Jan Meru launched cloud based cost effective centralised wireless solution.

Jan Mitel Networks Corporation a global leader in business communications announced its merger with Aastra Technologies Limited. Jan Avaya launches IP Office Contact Center to bring affordable, multichannel contact center functionality to midsize businesses. Mar Aastra - A Mitel Company launched i series phones offers advanced interoperability with all of the world's leading IP call platforms.

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